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Beauty Buzz: Ole Henriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner Review

A toner. That's especially made to remove dark spots? Where have you been all my life?! I've used the Ole Henriksen (OH) Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner for a little over three weeks now. I was very excited to try it because you all know the hardest thing with getting my skin in order has been getting rid of dark spots. Prior to hearing about this Transform line from OH, I tried the Balance line which was made to control oil. It didn't work for me and I felt like my skin was even more oily. So when I received the OH Dark Spot Toner, I had some reservations but I'm always a willing to try a product that will better my skin.

I honestly feel like this toner was made for me and all of the other people who continue with the endless struggle to remove dark spots. Yes it also helps with fine lines and uneven tone and texture but when I read "Dark Spot Toner" it registered in my mind as "for Amerika B." My first impression of the OH Dark Spot Toner was that of excitement as stated before. The cobalt blue packaging is mesmerizing but once I popped open the top and realized the fragrance was life changing (zesty & fresh), I knew it was something I could work with. In all of my Beauty Buzz reviews, I will always share my thoughts on the fragrance of a product because I am sensitive to smell. The toner is a cruelty-free lightweight liquid made with witch hazel water, lemon, sugarcane, and chamomile. Can you smell what OH is cooking? Even though I didn't see results in 7 days...or a significant change in 21 days, I did see a bit of fading and a slight difference in my skin texture. My skin does feel smoother besides stress and hormonal breakouts and the toner gives me a more refreshing feel and dries fast. Since I have layers of dark spots (don't pick your skin loves), I know it will take some time.

WHO: Ole Henriksen

WHAT: Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner

WHEN: Directions say to use it at night but since I have a lot of dark spots and want it to work double time, I use it in the morning as well. The AHA's (alphahy droxy acids) increase skin's sensitivity to sun so do what works best for you. I am not in direct sunlight all the time so I use it in the morning and still apply sunscreen even if I'm not going out.

HOW: Pour it on a cotton pad and apply it to your face in a circular motion. A little goes a long way! I'm 3 weeks in and still have a full bottle!

Pictured: Before using dark spot toner and 21 days after using dark spot toner

If your skincare challenge is that of removing dark spots then I recommend you try the OH Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner. It won't hurt to try something new on the market that caters to your top skincare concern. Even though I didn't have drastic results in 7 days, I know it's working. I just have to use it consistently, stop picking, and drink a lot of water. Easier said than done but I'm look forward to clearer, brighter skin!

I received this item complimentary for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.

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Have you tried the Ole Henriksen Glow 2Oh Dark Spot Toner? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

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