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Temporary Tips: Want the Secret to Long-Lasting Press On Nails? Here are 4 Quick Tips!

It's no secret that I love press on nails! This is a long standing love I have for all things creative, beauty and being a product junkie wrapped up all-in-one. When I first tried press on nails, I was a pre-teen wanting to do what the old folks like to call "being grown". Fast forward to adulthood, and press ons have evolved into something even more special. I tend to wear a different variety of press ons but I mostly stick to the glue on nails. As a self proclaimed Press On Connoisseur, I have mastered the art of applying my nails to last long and making it look like I paid top dollar at a nail salon. I've had these Sally Beauty Bella Press On Nails on for a week now and they haven't budged. Since I get so many questions about how I apply them, I wanted to share 4 quick tips to long-lasting press on nails that I swear by.

Tip #1: Take Time to Prep Your Natural Nails

By prep I mean do a mini mani. Prepare a smooth base for your press on nails to adhere to your natural nail. This will keep them from falling off fast and from damaging your natural nail. A mini mani includes clipping your nails, shaping and filing them, buffing your nail bed, and pushing back and treating your cuticles. Sounds like a lot but I promise it only takes a good 5-10 minutes. It also makes a world of difference when you let your nails rest in between press on application!

Tip #2: Follow the Instructions in the Nail Kit

Almost all press on nails come with instructions in the nail kit. If you follow the instructions then your press ons are more than likely to last at least a week or more based on application. Using glue on nails? Make sure that you apply enough glue to your natural nail and the artificial nail and press down and hold for 10 seconds in the middle of the nail so the glue can spread evenly. Once you wipe up any excess glue that may have spilled out, press the artificial nail down on the sides, top, middle, and near the cuticle. Hold each side for 10 seconds. This will help the glue to adhere to your entire natural nail and prevent any bubbles that will allow air or liquid under the artificial nails which will separate it from the natural nail.

Tip #3: Apply Nails from Pinky to Thumb

Once you've fit all of your artificial nails to match the size of each natural nail, lay them out in order from thumb to pinky. When applying them, start with applying the artificial pinky nail to the least dominant hand. (For example, I'm left handed so I start applying using my left hand to apply press ons to my right hand.) Also, make sure to apply to each nail on both hands in this order: pinky, ring finger, middle finger, pointer finger, thumb. This way you alternate application to each hand and finger with a domino affect making the thumb the last nail you apply to. Why does this work? I really can't give an exact reason but I promise it makes application so much easier. Trust me on this one!

Tip #4: Be Gentle & Take Care of Your Press On Nails

I get real bougie when I wear my press ons. Even though daily tasks like washing my hair, washing dishes, cooking, and cleaning still have to get done when I wear them, I try to be a bit more gentle with my hands and activities so that my nails last. By all means I don't tip toe around the house, but I do take into consideration that I want my nails look nice for at least a week. My best friend tells me that I'm naturally dainty and careful but I'm not perfect. This means that I put forth just a tad bit more effort to take care of them.

Even though wearing press on nails might be a quick fix, a break in between salon visits, or something new for you to try, it doesn't mean you just pop them on and off. Take time to prep your natural nails, follow the instructions with the nail kit, apply the nails properly, be gentle, and I promise you you will have long lasting press on nails using these quick tips!

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Do you struggle with wearing press on nails? What's the longest your nails have lasted? Any tips to share with the #TemporaryTips community? Feel free to share in the comments!

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