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Hey Stylista! I'm Amerika B.

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A bit about me...

I'm Amerika B. A Jill of All Trades. Inspired to inspire. I love to spread love to others. A kind smile goes a long way! I started my business in 2014 and my blog in 2017. I know the feeling all too well to struggle with self-esteem and looking and feeling your best. To try to gain the confidence to start a business just from an idea and to actually see it through. I created my business help women understand that there’s no age, size, or budget that can limit your true style. I want you to know that if you look and feel your best, working from the inside out, that you can also inspire someone to do the same...just by being exactly who they are! I am motivated by seeing other women succeed by helping them discover the greatness within themselves and taking what may seem like just an ordinary idea and building it into an extraordinary brand. It took a lot of work for me to do the same for myself and my brand which is why I shifted from just fashion styling to digital styling, brand styling, and photography services.

A bit about my brand...

Amerika B. Style Me is a digital fashion and brand styling company that provides the tools to help millennial women of color define their style, create their image, and build their brand. My mission is to inspire women to have the confidence and freedom to be their most authentic selves and allow that to shine through their personal style and business or brand. The goal is to help you look and feel your best by helping you gain confidence, mental clarity, and self-worth through your attitude and personal style.

I love that I have an opportunity to simultaneously be successful and inspire others to do the same. I can share my business while being true to myself. Each service I provide is meant to elevate each client experience personally and professionally.

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