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Matte On, Shine Off: I Put the Make it Matte Black Girl Sunscreen to the Test

Black people, you need to wear sunscreen, too. Yep! I said it. If you're like me and you have oily, acne-prone skin you probably have a love hate relationship with having "The Glow". Don't get me wrong, I love to speak affirming words to myself like, You Glow Girl, but sometimes oily skin takes it to the max! Even if you don't have oily skin, sometimes you'll fall in a love with a product just for it to embarrassingly slide right off of your face. Recently, Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS) released their newest Make It Matte Sunscreen on their site and in Target and I put it to the test!

Since I know you're here for all of the sunscreen tea I'll keep it brewing. When I first heard about BGS I was hesitant to believe all of the hype because I was over using sunscreens that had my face looking ghostly and greasy. I knew I needed to protect my skin (we'll talk more about this later) but I wanted something that was worthwhile and be worth my coins. When it comes to sunscreen, it's such a skincare necessity but the price tag can be a bit much; especially while going through the trial and error phase.

What's important to me when choosing a sunscreen? Protection, longevity of wear, price, and application. So does BGS really work? The answer is yes! Do I recommend that you use both regular and matte? Yes and yes! Keep reading for more deets on both Make it Matte and the regular Black Girl Sunscreen.

Make It Matte Sunscreen:


Gel based

SPF 45

Wears well under makeup (I pair it with oil-free products.)

Clean & clear finish

Vegan and cruelty- free

Great for all skin types (Best for oily skin)

Sweat Resistant (Although it's best to re-apply after a few hours or as needed.)

Long Lasting (A little bit goes a long way!)

Cons: The top on the matte sunscreen cracks almost immediately. It looks luxe but it's not well made. I had to send a request for a replacement and it was aggravating to use daily and to travel with. Thankfully, BGS has taken the necessary steps to replace the cap and hopefully you won't have to experience this. With the new cap? Perfect and travel friendly!


Cream based

SPF 30

Moisturizing (You can use it in place of or with your regular moisturizer.)

Great for all skin types

Wears well under makeup (with setting spray and powder for oily skin)

No white residue

Vegan and cruelty- free

Travel friendly

Sweat Resistant (Although it's best to re-apply after a few hours or as needed.)

Long Lasting (A little bit goes a long way!)

Cons: Even though this sunscreen moisturizes, applies to the skin without leaving a white residue, absorbs well, and stays put my skin does get a bit oily if I don't use it with other oil-free products. My secret: Use a facial mist to refresh your face. Problem solved!

As you can see, there are waaayyyyy more pros than cons so I highly recommend purchasing both. Now that you have all the deets, THIS IS A PSA THAT YOU (YES YOU) NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN DAILY. Even in the fall and winter. Kick the myth and foolishness that black don't crack. You. Need. Sunscreen. Period.

P.S. If you're in your 20's, start using eye cream now as well. You'll thank me later.

I hope this review helped you decide on which Black Girl Sunscreen will work best for your skin type and that you got all the information needed to make a decision when adding to cart. I will share a more thorough review in my Beauty Buzz series later. Leave any questions or recommendations in the chat so we can discuss all things Black Girl Sunscreen!

Oh yeah...don't let the name fool you, Black Girl Sunscreen is the best sunscreen for black women hands down but it's great for everyone too! They even have one just for kids!

Tap the links to shop Black Girl Sunscreen below

Shop Black Girl Sunscreen- BGS, Target, Ulta

Shop Make it Matte- BGS, Target

Shop BGS Kids- BGS, Target

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