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Beauty Buzz: My Daily Rituals with The Ritual of Karma Body Care Set

I was really bummed when I posed the question: "Do you make it a ritual to pamper yourself daily?" on this post and a lot of y'all said no. That has to change today! We all know self care is a word that is thrown around daily but do you really "care for self"? I'm not gon' check you boo but I am going to suggest that you start and do so ASAP! A daily ritual can be a multitude of things or simply one thing. You get to decide what works best for you. I made it my business to stop and create a daily ritual using The Rituals of Karma Body Care Set and it is truly life changing! While quarantining, I really learned what it was like to take my time with everything. There was nowhere to rush off to and I had no choice but to stay put and take care of me. So I can honestly say that I learned to have a daily ritual for self care by force, and it was one of the best things that's happened for me and my mental health!

Not only did I create a ritual and make it a habit, but I created a lifestyle. For me it's as simple as:

- Doing my skincare routine daily. (AM and PM)

- Taking time in the mornings to do my prayer, devotional, meditating, and stretching.

- Setting up my work area with a candle or incense and being intentional about my day.

- Taking a bath in the evenings to unwind.

- Giving myself grace and allowing myself to be human.

All of these things are very worthwhile once they become routine. So when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious or just need to plain relax, take some time to do a daily ritual and you'll feel so much better!

What: Rituals of Karma Body Care Set that includes a body cream, shower gel, body scrub, and body mist.

Where: Sephora

How: Cleanse and scent the skin with the shower foam, exfoliate twice a week with the body scrub, and nourish with the luxurious body cream. Complete your routine with the body mist for a heightened fragrance experience.

Why: To nourish, soothe, moisturize, and revitalize the skin.

The Ritual of Karma Body Care Set goes hand in hand with my positive vibes and energy. Plus, each item gives affirming words. With subtle but fragrant white tea and holy lotus notes, every time you use it, you'll get all the spa feels!

I use the Spread the Kindness Body Cream to moisturize and melt into my skin. ⁣

I use the Cleanse Your Mind and Body Scrub to lock in moisture and maintain my natural glow.⁣

I use the Foaming Shower Gel Full of Kindness to give me soft, silky, and smooth skin.⁣

The sets come in a few varieties so I broke it down for you here:

Not sold just yet? Grab the "Try Me" Set

A bit unsure? Grab the Medium Set

Want to go all in? Grab the Large Set

You won’t regret treating yourself or someone you love to this body care set! Do good, and good will come your way.

Your Rituals. Your Body. Your Soul.

Shop The Rituals of Karma Body Care Set below!

Have you created a daily ritual or routine? Did you try The Rituals of Karma Body Care Set yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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