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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Voice Recorded Affirmations

I remember talking to my Big Seester (aka Sister, we have a special bond, lol) about how I was having a hard time remembering to say my affirmations on a daily basis. I couldn't remember which notebook I wrote them down in, the notes in my phone got lost in the shuffle, and I would waste time searching for the screenshot I took of the ones I wanted to recite daily. It was just too much. Instead of agreeing with and making excuses for me, she simply said, "Why don't you record them on your phone?" Mind. Blown. Here's why this was a genius idea:

I could have them on hand when I'm running errands or traveling.

I could visualize as I speak them and hear them in my voice.

I could listen to or recite them as many times as I'd like.

I could play them instantly anytime, anywhere.

I'm kind of OCD and I didn't care for post-its everywhere. I tried the Mary Jane method. The post-its would continually fall off of the mirror when I would take them down to clean. It just wasn't for me. Now, I have a voice memo in my phone that I can go to on a daily basis. When I'm in a funk, I force myself to get up and play the recording and recite them in the mirror. Even when I'm on the go and need a quick pick me up, I can open my camera and recite them as well. When I'm not in the mood, I still listen to them repeatedly. By the third time I've listened, I find myself reciting them without even realizing it. I also notice as I walk around the house and say something negative, I immediately switch it up and the right affirmation will roll off my tongue because it's second nature. This changed my mindset, mood, and motivation.

How to Record Your Own Affirmations

Step 1: Find a quiet space and meditate for a moment. Clear your head and release any stress, anxiety, or negativity. It is important to do this with a clear mind and positive headspace.

Step 2: Grab your notebook and write down your favorite affirmations or any new one's that you might want to recite. Not sure where to start? You can google "affirmations on (insert desired focus here)". It can be abundance, self-love, patience, etc. Currently, my go-to book of affirmations is Positive Reinforcement: Daily Declarations by Kia Amy Woods.

Step 3: Use the Voice Memos app on your phone (iPhone) and record yourself saying the affirmations you wrote down. You want to leave a 3-5 second pause in between each affirmation to give yourself some time to say them back. Remember these are your personal affirmations. They can be as short or as long as you'd like but don't forget to speak with intention.

Step 4: Save the voice memo, mine simply says Daily Affirmations, and recite daily.

Here are a few of my favorite affirmations that I recorded and recite every day:

I AM beautiful and created in God's image.

I WILL keep a clear mind and remove and fear or doubt.

I CAN succeed and I WILL succeed!

I find it best to start my affirmations with I CAN/I AM/I WILL to affirm and speak positively with intent. It makes a huge difference. It's important to speak highly of yourself to yourself. You can't wait for anyone else to do so. It's totally up to you.

I hope this makes it easier to say your affirmations daily and stay positive throughout the day. Negativity doesn't live here. Bloop!

What are some of your favorite affirmations? Which one would you add to the top of your list to record?

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