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ABSM's Black History Month Black-Owned, Women-Led Businesses Live Recap

To say the last week in February and of Black History Month set the tone for the greatness that's to come from me and my business homegirls is an understatement! Yes, me AND my business homegirls.

I had the pleasure of interviewing 7 black women who are all business owners and leaders in their own right. From service based brands to product based businesses, I've seen these women grow through a lot and still come out on top. It was only right that since I share their products with you all that I shared them as individuals and the gems the spoke that week with you all as well.

The idea for this live series came to me when I realized that I often share products and promotions on my IG Stories but I never really share who is behind the businesses and brands. Even though I already shared on my Instagram last week and saved the lives to my IGTV, I still wanted to do to a recap on my blog to make sure that their businesses are highlighted in a place where they (and their existing and future customers) can always come back to.

Without further ado, meet Roszlynn, Alexis, Rezz, Jasmine, Christian, Summer, and Dee!

Watch the replay of their lives on ABSM Network via my IGTV channel!

You don't have to be perfect. The product will speak for itself!

Roszlynn, Miami

Natural Glo, LLC and TuTuGang Designs

Specializing in natural skincare and haircare products, as well as custom made tutus, canvas sneakers, and more! Shop Natural Glo on Etsy and DM Roszlynn to place a custom tutu order!

Specials/Promo: Facial bars are $5 each or 3 for $20! There will be a tutu giveaway in March. Stay tuned!

Intro Song: Up! by Cardi B

Watch Roszlynn's Live

Is this what you want to be remembered by?

Alexis, Delaware

Bourgeois Living Services & Magazine

An online magazine and hosting services company that serves financially savvy millennial women of color by assisting them in their journey by providing luxury living experiences. Email her at for more information and to book her for your next intimate event!

Specials/Promo: Going live in March and hosting an intimate birthday party soon!

Intro Song: Whoa by Snoh Alegra

Watch Alexis' Live

Get started. Don't talk yourself out of great ideas, just do something.

Rezz, North Carolina

Textually Active Podcast

A podcast that discusses real life discussions in the digital age. You can stream new Textually Active episodes every Tuesday on your favorite podcast platform or watch TA on YouTube!

Specials/Promo: Textually Active Merch

Intro Song: Savage by Megan the Stallion ft. Beyoncé

Watch Rezz's Live

Do your research. Set realistic goals.

Jasmine, Miami

LeeLuu Cosmetics and Jasmine's Places

Specializing in providing 100% organic and handmade earth based hair and skincare products and real estate for home and business! Shop LeeLuu's online and DM Jasmine for more information on SoFlo properties!

Specials/Promo: Save 20% off using code FLASH20

Intro Song: Closer by Goapele

Watch Jasmine's Live

I'm getting myself together for the next level that's coming.

Christian, Delaware

The Leap Program

Your go-to business start up strategist for budding business owners! Join the Leap Program or book a one on one consultation with Christian to help your business go from stuck to start!

Specials/Promo: Everything is Content Masterclass

Intro Song: Boss by The Carters

Watch Christian's Live

You can't jump into it for the money. It has to be about something bigger than that.

Summer, New York

Society La Femme

Say less, slay more! Society La Femme is your go to place for custom wigs, mink bundles, closures, frontals, and The SLF Bonnet.

Specials/Promo: SLF Sleep Bonnet is on sale now!

Intro Song: Binz by Solange

Watch Summers' Live

Believe in yourself and just go for it. The longer you sit and wait means you're stopping yourself from flourishing.

Dee, Miami

LeRoyal Style and Libations Rx

Serving personal and visual styling to help you turn your style on, as well as premium handcrafted cocktails, mock-tails, and detox water. DM her for more information!

Specials/Promo: Happy Hour Mason Jars- Thyme Out 2 for $15, Cocktails 2 for $20

Hype Song: Buy You a Drank by T-Pain

Watch Dee's Live

I hope you enjoyed watching the lives, hearing their stories, and supporting these women by engaging on social, making purchases and booking their services! Thank you for taking the time to pour into these hard working women!

If you'd like to ask a business related question or leave a quick note of support, feel free to do so in the comments!

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