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I Have My Planner, Now What? A Quick Guide on Creative Ideas to Use When Setting Up Your Planner

What better way to start the new year off with my first blog post being all about setting new intentions? What better intention to set than to get your life together by planning? By now you've purchased your planner, watched my planner basics video on IGTV, and you've set the tone for the new year on a positive note! Ok Sis, I see you!

One thing I initially struggled with that I wanted to share with you guys was exactly what to write down in your planner. If you're new to this (but true to this), you may be looking at all the empty spaces and get a bit frustrated as to how to go about filling them in. I get it! Stickers and quotes are fun and all, but the purpose of said planner is to actually bring order and structure to your life. No more winging it! We're getting our lives together and sticking with it, okurrrr?!

With that being said, I'm here to help! When I first started planning, I wrote out a list of things to write down in my planner. Sounds a bit funny, but it helped me broaden my outlook on what was important and what I needed to focus on. When you have a million things to remember on a daily basis, not having something concrete to refer to becomes a headache and very stressful when trying to figure out what is going on in your life; in general, but particularly on a certain day. Let's face it, we're all forgetful sometimes so why not have a place to refer to everything so your life can be less stressed?

Here are some creative ideas to help you figure out what to write when setting up your planner:


- Bills (on the date that they are due)

- Birthdays

- Events, Dates, Outings

- Appointments (If rescheduled or cancelled I place a red line through it)

- Travel Dates

- Meetings

- Reminders

- Workouts

- Kids Appointments, Playdates, Parties to attend, etc.

- Significant Other's Appointments, Travel, Outings, etc.

- Work or School Schedule (Especially if your schedule varies daily)


- Pay Dates


- Bills (on the date you actually pay them)

- Appointments (Doctor, Nails, Hair, etc.)

- Exercise

- Cleaning, Cooking

- Deadlines

- Daily To-Do List

- Calls to make

- Travel Itinerary (detailed information because sometimes technology fails you)

- Budget

- Daily expenditures

- Books you read

- Music you listened to

- Goals and Intentions

- Gratitude List

- Affirmations

- Bible Verses/Devotional Quotes

- Workouts

- Unplanned or Unexpected Events

- Daily Chores (Clean house/apt, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

- New Releases (reminders for shows, movies, books, etc.)

*Color coded tabs, post-its, pens, or stickers may be used if these tasks are something you repeat daily.

If you missed the planner video, you can watch it here and refer to these quick tips on how to start planning below.

1. Choose an ideal planner that fits your lifestyle and preference.

2. Pick a theme and spruce it up with colorful pens, stickers, and washi tape.

3. Write down items like the ones listed above to stay organized and on top of life's events.

Bonus Tip: Personalize your planner even more by making stickers using your own photos! This is one of my favorite ways to decorate my planner because it truly makes it special and memorable. How do you do this? Save the desired pictures to your computer, re-size pictures to fit planner boxes in a word document, print on label paper or card stock (you'll have to glue it), cut out with scissors or a cutter, and decorate your planner! This video shows detailed steps for The Happy Planner!

I chose Sunday as my planning day to help me set the tone for a new week. You can keep your planner updated weekly but if you fall behind, take a few hours one day to catch up. You can do this on your least busiest day, while you're binge watching a Netflix series, or schedule some me time at a coffee shop to sit and plan. If you have some extra time, try to set up next month's theme (refer to video to learn how-to) in order to stay a step ahead! Trust me, it will help, and once you use these tips and tricks you'll be a planner pro in no time!

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who liked, commented, and shared my planner video; bought a planner, used my planner tips, took the time to plan, and learned how to plan. This means a lot to me because you trusted me to help you set positive intentions and find a way to make your life a little bit easier and a lot more stress-free. For that, I am forever grateful!

What would you like me to discuss for Part 2 of Plan with Me? Do you have any planner questions? Also, share some tips that you use to plan in the comments!

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