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The Stylist Network: 12 Black Fashion Stylists You Need to Become Familiar with Before 2019

"Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them."

There's not much to say because these women, their talent, and their creativity speaks for itself. I have personally connected with them on AND off the 'gram and I fully support their brands. I created The Stylist Network to shine a light on black women who are stylists (fashion, wardrobe, personal, etc.) that don't always get the recognition they deserve. Despite naysayers or the ever so popular "stylist" title you see so often, they have built and will continue to build successful brands. They work hard. They don't give up. They continually create.

- a resource for potential clientele to browse, book, and work with women in all areas of styling;

- a place for stylists to connect with other stylists in their area or to reach out to if in need of assistance or to collaborate with on projects;

- a directory for professionals in the industry (photographers, makeup artists, etc.) to search for reputable stylists to book for special events, projects, and/or photo shoots.

I wanted to create a special place in the digital world to showcase and support black fashion stylists. Something long lasting that can always be revisited. I wanted you to witness their growth as well, which is the reason I launched TSN before the new year. Because they all have their own voice, I asked each of them to share a personal style quote that explains what being a stylist means to them. If you'd like to find out more about them, their business, or their brand, all of the words in red will directly link you to their website and social media outlets. You may also find TSN directory by state via the Resources tab. If you click on the pictures in the gallery above, you will find a quick note about what makes their brand special. Take them serious and watch them werk. 2019 is going to be an amazing year and they have been blessed with the gift of style to prove it! We're already claiming it!

Call them girl bosses, boss babes, hustlers, fashionistas, whatever you may: This is The Stylist Network.


DERRIA UNDERWOOD of What Would Derria Wear

Wardrobe Stylist located in Los Angeles, California


"Style means being comfortable in your skin and the threads you wear, wholeheartedly and unapologetically."


AMERIKA BROOKS of Amerika B. Style Me

Personal, Fashion, & Product Stylist located in Jacksonville, Florida


"It is possible to dress well no matter your budget, size, or age, all it takes is knowing you have the confidence to define your style and create your image!"

Dee Blanc's sense of style is charismatic and unique. As a stylist and visual curator she makes your vision come to life through creative storytelling.

DEE BLANC of LeRoyal Style

Fashion Stylist & Visual Curator located in Miami, Florida

"For me, style has never been about following the hottest trends, nor has it about KUWTK, especially in this age of social media/pop culture influence. Style is about knowing who you are, or who you desire to become and owning it! Own your confidence. Own your insecurities. When you step out into this world, know that there is no one that can execute YOU like you! Be honored if they try though, we live to inspire everyone to slay!"


SHAKAYLA EADDY of Young $tylish Lifestyle

Wardrobe Stylist located in Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois


"As a wardrobe stylist I want to be able to uplift your spirit through clothing and make you feel like a million dollars without spending it. I want to get you out of your comfort zone and help you reach the capacity that is within you. I'm all about thinking outside of the box, pulling inspiration from different forms of media like film and art and creating unforgettable art work through fashion. A stylist is more than just someone who puts together outfits, it's someone that can help you decide who you want to be moving in this world and can easily turn into your best friend."


JESSICA FRASER of Shopaholic Styling Co.

Wardrobe Stylist located in New York, New York


“Shopaholic - it’s not an addiction it’s an experience.”

RÉMY NAJEÉ of Rémy Najeé

Personal Stylist and Fashion Expert located in New York, New York and Houston, Texas

"As a Personal Stylist, women look to me when they want to transform their wardrobes and find confidence through the Power of Style. Life may not be perfect but your outfit will be."



Wardrobe Stylist located in Charlotte, North Carolina


LinkedIn "Personal style is the essence of creating what your soul already feels. When you get dressed, you are showing the world who you are."


Sydney is a top notch stylist that really hones in on catering to her clients personal style.

SYDNEY MURDOCK of Uncommon Stylist

Personal Stylist located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, New York, & Los Angeles

"Style is a State of Mind."


SHANNAN ALLEN of The Closet Consultant

Personal Stylist located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Being a stylist allows me to help create a story of my clients personal style journey through the expression of clothes and to me there’s no better feeling than that."


BRITNEY JOHNSON of Her Guiltless Garb

Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist located in Houston, Texas

"Your style is a unique I.D. Your personalized, signified and recognizable fashion preference, that can define your ability to depict who you are as an individual without saying a word. Every woman should have the right to experience the liberating feeling of extraordinary style. In doing so, you can project confidence and absolute individuality, all while staying within budget. Style should be un-compromised, un-sacrificed, creative and most of all guiltless. Feeling good about what you buy, how you look in what you’ve bought and shopping fabulously within your means eliminates the regretful and dreaded buyers remorse. The unapologetic woman is a woman who exudes confidence in many areas of her life and has a killer wardrobe to prove it! She is fearless, creative and possessing great style never takes a back seat."

JANEL MAYNE of My Mayne Wardrobe

Personal Stylist located in Houston, Texas

"I am a personal stylist who works with women who suffer from "uniform syndrome", service professionals who wear formal uniforms such as doctors, nurses, military personnel. etc., to reclaim their style and help them feel empowered and confident about themselves and their wardrobe."

KRYSTAL SOULARIE of KS Fashion Consulting

Fashion Consultant & Stylist located in Houston, Texas


"For me being a stylist is more than just making someone look “cute”. My desire is to work inward out when I’m styling a client. For example, if they are insecure about their arms; in turn I would ask why are you insecure and then assist in showing them how to turn that insecurity into a positive."

Don't be shy! Leave a word of encouragement, shoutout, or positive note for these ladies. They deserve it!

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