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What I Wore: San Fran Travel Edition 1/3

I know I'm fashionably late and it's been a minute since I dropped some looks on the blog! As promised, all of the San Fran deets are coming and I'm here to deliver! This is the first part of three blog posts. I will break down: What I Wore, What I Ate, and What I Did at The Lights on Festival curated by H.E.R. in the Bay Area (San Fransisco/Concord, California)!

Since we're starting with the looks, you're probably reading this as I'm currently repeating one of them today. That's how 🔥🔥🔥 I think they were and I think you will too. The Lights on Festival (LOF) is a (now 2-day) music festival that happens in Concord, California during the month of September. The inaugural LOF was one to remember. So when my BFFs and I heard that it was coming back after a year off because of "the c-word" we couldn't miss it! Thankfully, the weather was the perfect mix of warmth with a bit of a cool breeze so I knew I could have fun with my looks. I wanted to go for comfy, old school, and festival-esque. I always mix and match when I'm packing for a trip so you'll see bonus or alternate looks at the bottom of each description.

Look #1: Match My Fly

This first look was my travel look. When I fly, I have to be super comfortable but I also want to be chic. Any flight from Miami is almost always hot and you have to transition to wherever you're going. I opted for an easy look with a pop of color. Black faux leather leggings, a graphic tee, easy zip up combat boots, and a leopard fedora. I wore my denim jacket just in case I got cold on the plane.

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Marshalls

Leggings: Walmart

Sunnies: Free People

Hat: Hats and Hats

Boots: Target

Alt Look: Leopard hat, graphic tee, lace maxi skirt, and combat boots.

Look #2: Boho Bodega Bae

This look was inspired by Cyndi Ramirez- Fulton of Chillhouse NYC. She's a super cool and fashionable boss babe who wore a similar look in Paris. Since I rarely get to throw on a coat or jacket of any kind in Miami, I took advantage of overpacking and grabbed my fringe jacket just for this look! Paired with a comfortable but cute purple flowy midi dress and color blocked dad sneakers, this look was perfect for our first night out to run errands and go to dinner!

Jacket: Macys

Dress: Target

Shoes: Walmart

Fanny: Steve Madden

Sunnies: Thrill of the Luxe

Alt Look: Denim jacket, Midi flowy dress, and combat boots

Look #3: Colorful Comfy Cutie

One thing I learned from attending my very first festival is that you do a lot of walking, the weather can change in a moment, and you don't want to worry about trying to be uncomfortable. On my last Target run before my trip I spotted these ribbed, flared mustard yellow pants and I knew they would work with my LOF graphic tee and dad sneakers. BTW, these are the comfiest dad sneakers I own. So wearing them to walk around in was perfect! I initially planned on wearing biker shorts but since the temp dropped before we left, the pants were a great alternative.

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: LOF Shirt

Pants: Target

Shoes: Walmart

Sunnies: Local Boutique

Alt Look: Graphic tee, neon biker shorts, combat boots, denim jacket

Look #4: Groovy Grown Girl

This is probably the only look I knew I wanted to wear and had no other way to wear it! This was also my favorite look with look #2 being a very close second. I got so many compliments on my pants and I felt so chic in them. The outfit is thrifted/vintage and I felt that it was the perfect look for day 2 of the festival. As you can see my denim jacket got a lot of wear and I'm ok with that. My shirt says "Love Music Hate Racism". This look was such a hit!

Shirt: Sir Thrifty

Pants: Sir Thrifty

Shoes: Target

Purse: Brandon Blackwood

Look #5: Back to Reality

We all know the flight back from any trip is bittersweet. If I am completely honest, I wasn't ready to go home and I cant wait to go back! I decided that this was an Ode to Graphic Tees trip since they are my favorite. I decided to keep the music festival feels and wear my Aaliyah graphic tee, faux leather leggings, combat boots, and denim jacket all while still going for comfy chic. I also wanted to accentuate the pops of color in my shirt and wore my retro-cool, futuristic sunnies.

Shirt: Target

Leggings: Walmart

Boots: Target

Backpack: Target

Alt Look: Graphic tee, fringe jacket, faux leather leggings, dad sneakers

I had such a great time putting these looks together for my trip. Although some items are thrifted, vintage, or old, I have linked some similar items below! Remember in order to define your style, sometimes you have to mix it up a bit, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new! Don't be afraid to be YOU!


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