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You Need A Kimono In Your Closet, Here's Why...

Is it safe to say Winter is coming to an end or nah? Anywho, the kimono is an all-weather closet bae so there's an infinite amount of ways to keep it in rotation.

Remember when I wore this kimono during the fall? The weather wasn’t that cool but this was the perfect addition to a simple outfit. But are kimonos still in you ask? Why yes, of course my love! Imagine wearing it in addition to lingerie and wowing bae for Valentine’s Day weekend, taking it on a vacation and wearing it as a robe, or stunning your guests and wearing it as a cover up for dinner while on a tropical getaway. Plus, tell me you wouldn’t put it on over a maxi with slip on loafers for the morning car pool? Right. It's lightweight, perfectly patterned and shows you have style. So many options, so many looks. This time I wanted a Parisian street style look. Still simple but a bit more chic. All black, classic red lip, hair polished and pulled back; letting the kimono get its shine on. All black is chic in its own right, but a turtleneck and black pants? Ice cream. The black velvet mules? The cherry. As always, I love wearing my pieces several ways so yep, you guessed it, you’ll be seeing this kimono again. Grab one for yourself, your closet will thank you.

Outfit Deets:

Turtleneck- Forever 21 (similar below)

Pants- Thrifted (similar below)

Kimono- SheIn (see below)

Mules- Citi Trends (similar below)

Shop must have kimonos you need to add to your closet below!

Time to weigh in! How would you wear a kimono? Do you love them or hate them?

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