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The Secret to Effortlessly Styling a Statement Tee for Fall

You know how on some days you’re like I’m just gonna chill and you end up doing the most? This was one of those days. I was all set to chill (no Netflix) and ended up getting a message that I was given two complimentary tickets to attend the Creme of Nature Naturals Night Out event here in Jacksonville, Florida. I was super excited as I attended the event in January (read more about it here) and I couldn't wait to see what was in store for the second time around.

Then I had to figure out what to wear. As a stylist and a blogger, I always have "lewks" saved up in my arsenal but I knew that I wanted to serve some trendy fall flair for this event. Lately, statement tees have been my go-to. I want to wear them everywhere and with everything.

So what's the secret to effortlessly styling a statement tee for fall you ask? It's easy as basic algebra and I assure you this will be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe this fall. Listen, I'm not the best at math but I promise this is one lesson you'll easily grasp.

Here's the equation: x+y+z= a bomb outfit. Work with me here!

(X): Statement Tee

(Y): Bottoms (Pants, Jeans, Skirt, etc.)

(Z): Outerwear aka key fall pieces (Jacket, Blazer, Coat, etc.)

It's literally that simple! As I always say, don't be afraid to take it to the max. Mix prints, patterns, and textures or go bold with color. Once you add your favorite accessories to seal the deal, you my friend have created a lewk! That is how I pieced together my outfit below so effortlessly.

The Breakdown

I knew I wanted to wear my Girl Power tee (x) and I was going for a comfy yet polished look. That's where the jeans (y) came in to give it casual swag. Since I was attending an event that was indoors and not too formal but not super chill, I chose a blazer (z) to amp it up a bit.

If you don't know by now, details matter to me. You'll here me say this a lot. I love accessories and feel that they do wonders for your outfit by adding a detailed finishing touch. They're pretty much the icing on the cake. I decided accesorize with a choker, some arm candy, a mini cross body sans strap, and gold slip on loafers for this look. Nothing too major, just enough to compliment the tee (don't forget this is your statement piece) and give the look the polished effect.

I enjoyed attending the Creme of Nature event and got sone great full-sized products! Yes you heard that right! Full. Sized. No I'm not natrual yet but I have eased up on the relaxers and I'm trying to do more heat free hairstyles. The best part is that the products I received are ones I can actually use! Trust, my friends and family we’re already hitting me up for what they wanted.

Just in case you missed the event (don’t let it happen again), Creme of Nature has a BOGO Free coupon for Sally’s from now until November. Grab it here!

Outfit Deets

Girl Power Tee: Amazon (See direct link below. It comes in yellow, white, & black!)

Jeans: Target (On sale!)

Shoes: H&M (On Sale!)

Blazer and Mini purse: Thrifted

Glasses & Choker: Coming soon to Shop ABSM

Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics (I call this my Mac Mix: Mac x Nicki Minaj Easy Babe, Velvet Teddy, & It's Really Me PatentPolish Lip Pencil)

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