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6 Ways to Help You Get Out of Your Funk

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Stressed? Depressed? A mess? I’ve been there. Still get there from time to time. You know what’s hard? Getting out of that funk. Especially when you don’t know how. Here are a few quick tips to do just that. Give yourself a chance to get over it. Remember that you are human. Pray, cry, sulk, scream; do whatever it is you need to do to release those emotions. Then take a moment and just breathe. It’s really that simple. Be thankful. You are blessed. You are worthy of everything your heart desires. You can make it through another day. You will be ok.

Self-care- If it’s needed every day then do it. Every. Single. Day. Don’t wait until Sunday. Don’t just set aside one day a week to indulge. Do something small every day to feel like yourself again.

Journal- Write down everything you need to get out of your head. Release your thoughts and feelings everyday. Ideas, dreams, and goals. Date it and get it all out on paper.

Music- Go straight to that playlist that gets you in the mood. No, not that mood. *LOL* The one that gets you to a place of peace, love, and happiness. Check out my favorite PLH playlist here.

Read- Grab your Bible, a self-help book, a novel of your favorite genre, a magazine, or something inspirational. Anything to shift your focus and get you to your happy place. If reading isn’t your thing, try a podcast. Rest- Take a snooze. Turn your phone on DND (Do Not Disturb), quiet your surroundings, and rest. Most times it’s just what we need to recharge and reenergize. Exercise- Release that negative energy buy sweating it out. Go to the gym and doing 30 minutes of cardio. Just going for a simple walk can help you clear your head too.

Remember taking care of yourself isn’t SELFish, it’s a necessity. Sometimes people drive us to that point. Our surroundings can attribute to the funk we’re in. Find your place of peace. Not having a proper diet and a daily living routine can affect you as well. Think of the times when you’re at your best and write down what you do during those times. This will help you become familiar with how you get your of your funk.

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And if you really don’t feel like you’ll be ok then it’s ok to get some professional help. You can call this number to speak with someone 24/7 at 1-877-989-5652 or visit their website here. Their matching system is fast, free, and confidential.

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