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The Process of Maintaining a Positive Mindset (4 Must-Reads That Fortified My Journey)

More often than not, you tend to hear the phrases "change your mindset" or "improve your thought process", but how do you really do that? Some might say, it's best to just think positively. They might even tell you to only focus on the positive. The question that still stands is, what steps do you to take to truly live a positive lifestyle?

This is a question that you can only answer yourself, but I'm here to help you do just that. It wasn't until I made the decision that I wanted to have a positive mindset, that actually led me to having a positive mindset. (Read that again.) It's a choice. You can make up in your mind that you choose to be positive or just the opposite. It sounds so simple but I'm here to tell you it's not. The good news is that there are things to aid along the way. I started my positive mindset journey with books. I am a voracious reader but at the time I wasn't really reading much. After I expressed my desire to think positively, I made it a habit to read something positive every day. It was usually in the morning but sometimes I got side tracked and it would be in the afternoon or evening. Now, it's as many times as I can in a day because it's a habit.

Almost every day on my Instagram Stories, I share excerpts from the books pictured above. I always get the "What book is this?" question so I figured a blog post sharing my favorite books that have helped along the way was needed. I read at least two of these books every morning. They are my go-to daily digest books that help keep me on track with maintaining a positive mindset. Practicing the act of positivity has helped me reach a level of peace within myself that I thought was unattainable. Because of these books, I am continuously growing and working towards building habitual practices to change any negative thought patterns that may arise.

I love the feedback that I get from you all about sharing these books and I also wanted to share why I love them. Two of the books are faith based and two are centered around positivity. They range in price from about $10-$30 so they are perfect for everyone and every budget. Check out a quick description below to find out which book, if not all four, would best suit your needs to start a your journey to developing a positive mindset!

I read this book every single morning. It's the kind of book that makes you feel empowered, have confidence, and shifts your mood and mindset just by reading one sentence a day. Kia's words are the support you need to get through tough moments, especially if you aren't feeling very positive about anything. (Trust me, I've been there.) Also, if you're looking for a quick read, then this book of daily declarations is just for you. Besides the fact that you'll want to continually read the declarations page by page, the best part is that you can use them as affirmations too. I used a few when I voice recorded my daily affirmations. My favorite one right now is: I will not allow anyone to tell me what I cannot do. There is victory beneath my feet.

You can get Positive Reinforcements on Amazon for $15. The Kindle Edition is $10. Click here to purchase!

Big Idea Food by Marlena Banks

When I think of Big Idea Food, I think of the grandest scale of God led ideas that you can attain. Imagine a whole pizza pie that God hands you fresh from his oven of blessings, loaded with toppings (ideas) that you can cut slices from as needed. (Y'all know I love pizza, don't judge my reference. Lol) Big Idea Food is a weekly devotional for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and dreamers. I'm sure you checked off one of those categories so this book is for you! Instead of saying you're doing this wrong, Marlena gives you a scripture, tells a relatable Bible story to back it up, shares her past experiences, and then helps you understand how to gain clarity and solve a problem. BOOM!

Big Idea Food is on sale right now in a paperback, digital, and free shipping bundle for $10! Click here to purchase!

Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed

This book is what I consider to be a multi-purpose guide that gives you all the tools, exercises, and techniques needed to live the life you truly want. This is not your average manifestation book where you feel like you're reading notes from an empowerment seminar and then the author tells you to go be great. Everything you need to do is broken down for you. As Idil says on one of the first pages, "I believe we all have the power to completely transform our lives. You need to have a vision, and believe in that vision so deeply that it has no choice to show up. This is exactly what I did. I focused, created healthier habits, and learned how to harness my mental energy." This book helped me understand the limits I placed on my thoughts and the steps I needed to take to remove them. It's a how-to guide to manifest everything you truly desire in your life. Read it, apply it, live it. It's that simple.

Manifest Now is $30 and worth every penny. Click here to purchase!

This is a daily devotional the combines a scripture, story, and a prayer. I love it because even though it's dated you can read whatever day resonates with you in that moment. Sometimes I even read whatever random page I come across when I open the book. Joyce shares her insight on how to become more confident and encourages women to be their true selves. It's uplifting and very helpful on the days that I struggle the most.

The Confident Woman Devotional Click here to purchase!

Here is the next set of books that I will be adding to my reading list:

I was blessed to be able to read Christian's book prior to its release. She give insight on how to surrender, why it's important and shares personal inspiring stories that are relatable. Right now her book is available for pre-order! Click the title to purchase your copy.

My best friend reads this daily devotional and shares it on her Instagram Stories all the time. Every time I catch them I receive an encouraging word. Click the title to purchase your copy.

These books have contributed to my growth; mentally, physically, and emotionally. I would love to tell you to add each book to your cart and purchase them today but I'm the budget queen so my advice is to purchase one book per month, or as you see fit. Start with the one that resonates with you the most. The one that you feel will help you level up. If you have a budget set for continuing education and it allows for more than one, then go for it! The best decision I made for myself was to take the necessary steps to live a positive lifestyle. Even though it's not an easy task, it's possible.

What book(s) do you read to help you stay positive? Feel free to share in the comments!

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