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4 Restaurants Every Foodie Needs Try During Their Next Trip to Miami

Whether you're a cuisine connoisseur or just someone looking for a really good meal, these 4 South Florida restaurants will have you thinking about your next visit, making sure they're saved in your Google maps, and figuring out what you want to try next before the check comes!

I've lived in Miami pretty much my whole life but that doesn't excuse me from not knowing about the newest and truest restaurants that have opened up during my time away. Recently, I went back for a few gigs and my most recent trip was a foodie dream come true! Truth be told, I love food and talking about how great it is, but I stopped cooking regularly and wasn't really ok with going restaurant hopping just for the 'gram. Don't get me wrong, my food was bomb (see for yourself here), but at the time my tribe wanted to see more fashion than food. Understandable, but that might change after this post because everyone loves a good restaurant recommendation. When visiting a restaurant, the ambiance is just as important as the quality of food. I like to go in and feel at home and never want to leave. As if I want to convince the chef that he or she should gather their belongings to come and cook for me personally. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the following four restaurants and will definitely be back on my next trip!

Morgan's is located in the Wynwood area of Miami, Florida and is best known as "the little purple house." It really is a house and when you arrive you definitely feel right at home. Whether seated on the porch, at the outdoor bar, or indoors in one of the upstairs rooms, you get a sense of warmth and comfort. I went with my Mom on a lunch date on a mid-afternoon weekday. Because she had been already, she warned that there might be a long wait. After reviewing the menu and reading the reviews, I learned that the only thing everyone disliked was that the wait but it was worth it. You can also make reservations. We caught the tail end of brunch which is why I lucked up with the french toast and chicken sausage. I'm a breakfast/brunch lover and can eat it any day, any time. I had 3 generously sized pieces of brioche french toast and finished every last bite. The chicken sausage tasted like it was cut and cured right in the restaurant and I savored every single bite. Mom had the lentil soup (gluten and non dairy friendly) and a chai ginger smoothie. Both were very tasty. We also tried the cornbread since we ushered in dinner during our visit and it was slap yo mama good. (I also heard the sticky buns were a hit and can't wait to try them!) One of the best things about Morgan's is that they cater to specific dietary needs which is why Mom loves it so much. From starters to dinner, the menu has a variety of items that you're sure to love. It also serves a later than most brunch menu (ending at 5 pm) so when you're feeling like brunch for dinner it will definitely be at the top of your list. In addition, menu items are pocket friendly for happy hour, date night, or bff brunch!

If you're like me and love to try different cuisines then Rice is the place for you. It's a restaurant with a Persian flair and customizable menu options which is perfect for picky eaters. The menu hosts a build-a-meal option with a bowl or pita roll. There are 5 levels to this tasty situation. You get to choose your base (grains, greens, or pita roll), 3 dips or spreads (hummus, sumac, tahini, etc.), protein (chicken, turkey, lamb, etc.), toppings (unlimited), and dressings (olive oil, vinaigrette, sumac sauce, etc.). Another vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurant, Rice has roasted veggies, organic chickpeas, and falafel to choose from. It sounds like a lot and I was a bit overwhelmed initially, but the staff is very friendly and helpful. We were able to do a few taste tests of the meat, dips, and dressings to make sure we chose flavors that satisfied my palette. Everything was very fresh and flavorful. Each item in the bowl complimented on another and I actually finished my meal, which is a rather large portion, feeling satisfied not stuffed. If that's not enough to entice you, the homemade saffron, pistachio and rose water Persian ice cream is magical. I've never tasted anything like it. The flavors are so pleasant and refreshing. That's really all I can say because it's one of those things where I can tell you it's great but you have to try it for yourself. This was another restaurant that my Mom wanted to try and it was the perfect place for a lunch date with her and my bff. Rice is a bit pricey if you want a budget friendly lunch, but it's a great place to go if you want to try a new cuisine and not head to an overpriced sit down restaurant.

Every pizza lover knows there's always that one restaurant that sets the bar for every pizza spot you've ever been to. Steve's is definitely an oldie but goodie. It's one of the top pizza restaurants in Miami that has New York style pizza. It's a quaint restaurant and almost always busy (I was actually able to witness a brief moment where there wasn't a line) but well worth standing in line for a slice. My sister and I were on the hunt for a meal and we actually didn't plan on Steve's that day. We ended up there because her first choice didn't have the sandwich she wanted. We searched the area and both agreed pizza was a good idea. Pizza is always a good idea! This brought back memories of how long it was since I was in the presence of pizza royalty. Low lighting, friendly environment and open late night (until 4am on Friday and Saturday), Steve's is always a vibe! Once you taste the pizza at Steve's you won't ever forget it. The signature pizza sauce is really the best part. It's sweet with a little bit of spice. The type of pizza that will make you forego a classic pizza chain order and quickly open your Postmates app to place an order. The rest of the menu has classic Italian dishes like baked pasta, hoagies, and salads, but I'm hooked on the pizza. It's what I know best and what I'm sticking to. So if you're on vacation in Miami looking for a good slice after a late night event or if you live there and forgot (like me) that you can get a good slice or a whole pie until 4am, then Steves is the place for you.

Whoever thought to combine two of my loves, aviation and food, is a genius. Jet Runway Cafe is just that: a place to eat good food with views of jets taking off and landing in the background. I was so present in the moment and loved every bit of the food, scenery, and experience. To be honest, my phone battery died and I went to get my charger because I wanted to document the experience just as much as I wanted to savor the moment. Jet is another breakfast/brunch restaurant which also serves lunch. This was the only place that I requested to go to and it was the first place I visited as soon as I landed in Miami. I don't quite remember how I found out about Jet but I mentioned it to my brother and he initially took my nephews and confirmed it was indeed, the jam. I believe this was his third time there and I had a pleasant time dining with him and his girlfriend on my first visit. I'm a creature of habit so I tend to stick with breakfast and brunch basics. I love pancakes, waffles, and french toast so those are usually my go-to's. I chose the Full Tank (pancakes or french toast, bacon or sausage, eggs, and potatoes or grits), he had the avocado toast, and she had the breakfast burrito. All breakfast items are served with their famous fried bread pudding. I wasn't really prepared for the awesomeness of the bread pudding. On a normal occasion, I wouldn't try regular bread pudding but I'm open to try new things and I'm glad I didn't pass on it. The Full Tank was also really good. The pancakes were light and fluffy with crispy edges, bacon crunchy and flavorful, and potatoes tasty and seasoned well. You can't get anymore basic than a pancake, egg, and bacon trio but when a restaurant can put its own spin on it is when you know it's worth the hype.

I loved that each restaurant I visited had a simple but unique menu item that set them apart from any other place. Morgan's sweet cornbread, Rice Persian ice cream, Steve's pizza sauce, and Jet's fried bread pudding are all worth a trip back and made the most memorable experience. After writing this post, I wish I was headed to t least one of them for brunch or lunch and I'm already thinking of what I want to try on my next visit! If this post inspired you to try one or all four restaurants as a resident of South Florida or on your next vacation, please don't hesitate to share your experience with me. I would love to hear all about it!

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