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Beauty Buzz: This is How I Roll (How and Why I Use Face Rollers)

Have you ever felt the need to physically calm your mind? Find a way to close those million and one tabs open in your brain? Ditto. If you catch my Instastories on a regular basis, you've seen me talk about my love for face rollers among other beauty products. Please note, I'm a product junkie so if it's out there I'm trying it. Things were no different with the beauty buzz of face rollers. There are quite a few reasons to use them and how ever you choose to use them is your prerogative but I'm here to convince you that there's some validity to how I roll.

So what's all the hype about? Think of it as a paint roller for your face. What exactly does it to do? Keep reading to find out more about each rollers special effects.

Jade Roller

-Boosts blood flow

-Reduces puffiness and under-eye swelling

-Tightens the skin

Rose Quartz Roller


-Reduces inflammation

-Good for circulation

24KT Gold Face Massager

-Gives a healthy glow

-Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

-Restores skin firmness and elasticity

I use my face rollers to decompress. Think of them as a tool that takes the stress of the day away from your face. I feel like I'm rolling all the anxious thoughts out of my head and closing all those tabs in my google brain. That's why I recommend them to everyone. "Do I really need a face roller?" is the question I get. My answer: Do you really need to relax your mind at the end of the day?

If you need further convincing, watch a couple videos of my favorite beauty gurus in action with the same face rollers that I use!

Video via Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross using the 24Kt Gold Bar Facial Massager. This is my favorite one!

Video via Instagram

Allure Magazine's Editor in Chief Michelle Lee using the Rose Quartz Roller

Pro Tip: Apply oil, moisturizer, or serum before rolling. It's soooo therapeutic. Get ready for all the ooh's and aah's!

Ready to join the rest of the face roller obsessed? Click here for a few of my faves.

Creating visually appealing content truly brings me so much joy. It's a bit more than a hobby, it's my lifestyle. The story behind these photos is that as simple as they are, they are meant to be bold, showcase the style/color of each face roller, give the audience a few options to choose from, and easily transition into a marketing graphic to become relatable for your (or your brands) ideal customer. This is my goal for every picture taken and for every brand that I work with when visually storytelling.

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Do you use face rollers? What's your favorite one? (Jade, rose quartz, or gold?) If not, has this post convinced you to try them?

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