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Living the Luxe Lifestyle on a Budget

Bad and bougie or smart and savvy? I'd like to think it's a bit of both. Here's how I indulge in a luxe lifestyle while I save money and spending wisely.

I introduced the Elite Deal Club (EDC) on a blog post a while back (you can read it here) and every time I post about it on my insta stories I get a ton of questions. So if you inquired about it and still don't understand how it works or want to know more about how to get amazing budget friendly items, then this post is for you.

I chose to highlight this bath caddy out of my many purchases from EDC because I wanted to share the ease of creating a luxe lifestyle on a budget. I'm very frugal but I'm also very extra. Extra in terms of, I like nice things without the hefty price tag. I decided to create an at-home spa experience with a $2 bath caddy and some of my favorite woosah items from around the house. Sidenote: This caddy is too big for my tub but I made it work. I got in my small tub and envisioned an oversized claw foot tub while I enjoyed my bubble bath. Appreciate what you have and enjoy the moment. Think positively about the things that you desire and it will come to pass. Learn to create your own mood. It takes some effort but it's not difficult at all.

Some of my favorite items to indulge in while I take a bath are:

Book- Free (I borrowed it from the library)

Lip mask- $2 from Big Lots

Face mask- $1 from Big Lots

Candle- $4 from Big Lots

Flowers- $4 from Publix

Body scrub- $5 from Marshalls

Wine- $3 from Aldi

Soap- $8 from Salt Xo

I didn't go out and spend a dime for the items listed above. I used what I already had around the house to create the mood I desired. Look around your home and find things that bring you joy. Not sure what those are? Don't fret. Head over to Pinterest and start searching for home decor pictures that catch your eye and look at the items that are pictured. Make a list of those items and visit your favorite stores to purchase them, but stick to a budget. Then come home, set up your luxe lifestyle items, and enjoy!

Now let's get into the EDC deets...

First and foremost, there are a few things you need to know about shopping the deal club site. It's all about three P's: Prime, Patience, and Persistence.

Prime- Having Amazon Prime makes all the difference. Even though items are deeply discounted you still get free two-day shipping on them. Why pay for shipping (usually $3-$6) when the items you are purchasing are much less?

Patience- Items go live on the site at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm but THEY. GO. FAST. I set reminders for each time at least 10 minutes prior so I remember when to log on.

Persistence- If you don't get an item that you want at a specific time, don't give up. Keep checking back daily because some of the same items are listed multiple days in a row at different times throughout the day.

Now that we have the fundamentals out of the way, here are the facts.

Elite Deal Club is a deal site that offers amazing products (like the ones pictured above) at deep discounts. They work with sellers that give them a limited number of coupons for a certain amount of products. Some products sell out rather quickly, so you have to act fast to grab coupon codes. The majority of the time, products are offered multiple days in a row, sometimes weeks, so if you miss out on a coupon for a day or two, more than likely, you'll see the item again. Once you get your coupon code, there will be a link that directs you to Amazon to purchase your item. Make sure the item that you place in your cart matches the description and original price listed from the deal site. If you don't, then the coupon code won't work at checkout.

See the example of my bath caddy purchase below.

Quick Tips:

-Try to get your most desired item at 10am.

-Once you get a coupon code, purchase the item right away. Don't wait!

-Check the daily email (sent upon sign up) for deals that go live everyday, that way you know exactly what to look for.

If you're interested in the Elite Deal Club, you can sign up here.

Want to learn more about it? Click here for the FAQs!

Not really about the coupon life? No worries! You can find the bath caddy on Amazon here.

I shop the deal club for everything! From items that I love to gifts for family and friends, birthday or just because gifts. I usually purchase items to gift year round but now is the perfect time to start shopping for the holidays! it's my favorite place to shop for my long gift list; no crowds and everything gets delivered right to my door!

My life is a mood because I decided it would be. No matter what my budget is, I make sure to create peace and serenity in my home on a daily basis because that is what keeps me grounded.

What are your favorite items to use to create a peaceful mood in your home? Do you use coupons or deal sites to save while shopping? Share your faves below!

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