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The Perfect White Top to Add to Your Closet

If you're tired of wearing your classic white button down, this top will give you a similar look but also turn heads.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good white button down but sometimes you want to step out of that classic box and spruce up your look a bit. This sheer, pleated white blouse is that top. I had no intentions of blogging this look because it was just a cool picture to post on the gram until my next blog post went live. It honestly wasn’t even one of my favorite looks so I was just going to post the picture and be done with it. I didn't even know what to title to give this post. However…y’all really went ham & cheese; especially over the top, so I decided to do a quick post to give full outfit deets in the event someone needed to refer back to it. I don’t know how long these items will be in stock but I linked everything except the shoes because they were passed down from my Mom, love her. Happy Hump Day loves and don’t forget to slay!

Top: Amazon

This top comes in black and white. It runs small so I got an XL and it fits loose, how I would normally wear my tops. For reference, my normal size for tops is Large. I’m thinking about grabbing the black too before it sells out.

Jeans: Walmart

These Signature Jeans are made by Levis so they are affordable and good quality. The jeans I am wearing were $10 in store. This may vary by location. Online they are $20 and they do not price match. Yes, I checked. These are the comfiest jeans I own now. They are high waist, stretch well, and I don’t even need a belt! I got a size 12 and they are true to size. The color I’m wearing is called Mystery. I also grabbed them in the Indigo color. There are a ton of other styles and washes so get your shop on!

Bag: Walmart

This No Boundaries bag was also purchased in-store at my local Walmart. I got it a couple of years ago. I did a Where in the World is Carmen San Diego search and it’s no longer on Walmart’s site but I did find a few; two on Ebay (here and here) and one on Poshmark (here). I linked them below if you’re interested.

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