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The 3 Things I Do to Maintain My Happiness

These three things help me reach my happiness quota on a daily basis. You should try them.

I do exactly what makes me happy. Any time I get in a funk, I go back to that place where happy originated. It could be watching a funny tv show, reading a book of interest, going outside to get some fresh air, eating my favorite meal, etc. I also find out what I did or stopped doing that was easily a routine while I was in my happy flow. And if you don’t know, what that is, ask yourself these questions:

-What am I doing when I'm most happiest?

-What brings joy to my life?

-What activities can I do daily that will make me happy?

I only allow people in my space that generate happiness. If there is anyone that makes me feel less than, I remove them and their negative energy from my circle...with the quickness! That friend that always has something bad to say about everything, a man/woman that you’ve ended a relationship with but still somehow wiggles their way back into your life and makes you feel like crap, a family member that may bring down everything you try to share with them about your dreams and goals? Those people feed off of negative energy and they will literally suck the life out of you if you let them. I don't.

I put myself first. Repeat after me: My family and friends will be ok if I (say your name) take care of myself FIRST. Putting yourself first will be the most liberating thing you will ever do to maintaining your happiness. You hold the key to your own happiness because you’re in control of your life. No one can take that from you unless you allow them to. That’s the beauty of it!

So do what makes you happy, eliminate the positive energy suckers (literally), and put yourself first. Easier said than done? Not with every day practice. I hope these tips help you on your road to happy!

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