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#BareMyStory with Bare Minerals

My trip to Bare Minerals was not planned. I actually ended up at the mall that day on a whim. It was an easy breezy Saturday and my sister and I decided to just go to the mall to walk off our breakfast. We stopped by Bare Minerals because I remembered there was a virtual campaign on Influenster with Bare Minerals to try the new BarePro 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer. I thought, "Why not go in and try it, what do you have to lose?"

I was already familiar with the Bare Minerals brand and knew that their makeup was mineral based and cruelty-free but I didn't know how well their makeup would work for me. I've had a few bad experiences with other brands so let's just say I was skeptical. Whenever I walk into any makeup store I have to give a breakdown and history of my previous experiences as a fair warning. My current struggle with skin care is dealing dark marks, acne, and breakouts. I have worked with makeup artists in the past that don't understand that I need special care in addition to just full coverage makeup. Most see my skin and just say oh try this and brush me off. Some just do the normal routine they use on everyone. But when I told Anna, the Beauty Ambassador that assisted me, what I've dealt with in the past, she was kind enough to make me feel comfortable and reassure me that if I didn't like anything she did we would figure out exactly what I needed.

The experience I had getting shade matched for the BarePro 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer turned into a getting a full look and I was completely shocked. Not that I didn't have faith in Anna (she did well with application, explaining all the products and ingredients, and giving step-by-step instructions) but because this was the very first time someone took their time to make sure I was 100% satisfied with the application and coverage I received prior to making a purchase. That's what sealed the deal.

I left feeling good feeling great with a new makeup sitch! The best part is that I will be starting a new acne treatment soon (more on this later) and wearing Bare Minerals makeup wont irritate my skin or add to the problem. The makeup is light and breathable but still gives me the full coverage that I desire. Below are the items that I purchased and an explanation of how I saved my coins thanks to Anna and the team! They were great at making sure I got more bang for my buck and left with what I desired.


This is an 8-piece customizable complexion collection kit for $98. (Click here to see how it works!)

You get to choose:

- 1 Foundation (I chose the BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation with SPF 20)

- 1 Face Product/Complexion Enhancer (I chose the Gen Nude Powder Blush But First Coffee)

- 1 Concealer or Brightener (I chose the Bare Pro 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer)

- 1 Face Brush (I chose the Luxe Performance Brush)

The Kit automatically includes:

- Mini Prime Time Foundation Primer

- Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

- Flawless Application Brush

- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Free products I received:

- Statement Matte Liquid Lipstick in Juicy (via Influenster if you spend $25 or more)

- Warmth All-Over Face Color Bronzer (via Bare Minerals if you spend $50 or more)

*Please note free products vary at the time of your purchase. Tell them I sent you but don't go demanding the same items I received talking about "Erika said..."

So instead of purchasing the items that I wanted a la carte, I was able to bundle them and get a full makeup kit which saved me a lot of money. There are a few more items on my wish list that I intend to purchase, but for now I am able to create a full face with a flawless finish with the items pictured above. P.S. I got blush y'all. This is a big deal because I am a foundation, concealer, mascara, lippie kind of girl. That's it. When I complained about adding blush to my 5 minute makeup routine (picture me in the bathroom every morning half sleep applying makeup like ok I'm over it) they all said and I quote, "It only takes 5 seconds!"

So far, the Bare Minerals brand has exceeded my expectations. This post was not sponsored in anyway, I'm just shouting out a great brand and my local BM Boutique Beauty Ambassadors that catered to my needs. Once I get this makeup application thing down, I'll do a tutorial with the products I received but don't hold your breath. For now, if you're in the Jacksonville area, go see Anna at the Avenues Mall Bare Minerals Boutique. If not, visit your local Bare Minerals and stop in just to get color matched. You never know what you might like and end up leaving with a few new items to try or changing your whole makeup routine like me!

Shop my Bare Minerals faves below!

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Have you tried the Bare Minerals products? If so, what is your holy grail product? Share in the comments!

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