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Everything You Need to Know About Layering Like a Pro

Have you ever thought, “By the time I turn (whatever your ideal age was/is) I’m going to be…”? Yep, me too. As a kid I thought by the time I was 25, I’d be married with at least 2 kids living what I thought was the good life. Ha! Don’t make plans for your life they say. God has a funny sense of humor is a good one too. Nowwwww you tell me! At the tender age of 33 (yes tender and yes 33, hence the 1984 shirt) I can say I’m happy with the hand I was dealt and I plan to continue to play my cards right. I wouldn’t change any experience or life lesson for the world...nor would I change a thing about these boots.

I’m sure you’ve seen how I styled them in the look for my 2017 end of the year post but here it is just in case you haven't. I wanted to do a simple look which I did when I first styled them with just a sweatshirt. This go round I decided it was time to do the most with a layered lewk.

The idea for this outfit was to layer, stay warm, but still look cute. That’s been my thing for these 40-50 degree days. Lately, fishnet tights and socks have been my go-to for a final touch to my outfits. See my fishnet socks in action here. I wanted an edgy feel but to still give a bit of sexy. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be half naked to do so. I am covered from top to bottom with the exception of my fishnets peeking in the "thick thighs save lives" area.

These thigh-high boots from Shoe Dazzle are perfect for my thick-thigh stylistas. They are called "Leona" but I deemed them Stunna! (Yes borrowed from Rih and after the Uncensored lippie.) They are wide width, stretchy, and the back laces up. I only had on the fishnets for this shoot but I highly recommend wearing socks so your feet don't slide.

It has warmed up a tad but you can still layer and take off items as the day goes on if you get too hot. So here's how I did it. Take your favorite graphic tee and add a flannel or denim button down. You can pair this look with almost any bottom. My faves are denim shorts, jeans, or leggings. If you're wearing jeans or tights, rock fishnet socks. Wear with over the knee or thigh-high boots, or booties if that's your thing. I added the leather jacket for to edge it up a bit more and because it was really cold.

Please note: I will be wearing these boots as much as possible before Florida decides to be The Sunshine State again aka until it hits the high seventies. I'm excited to create more lewks around my Stunna boots before the colder days disappear. In addition, I'm enjoying 2018 so far and just balancing what each day brings one step at a time, being great, and living my best life. It helps to have haute boots while doing so!

Outfit Deets:

Leather Jacket- H&M

Flannel- Target, similar in reg here, plus here

1984 Shirt- Etsy

Denim shorts- Thrifted jeans DIY'd into shorts (let me know if you want a tutorial!)

Fishnets- JC Penney

How would you rock a layered look? What are your thoughts on wearing red thigh high boots? Yass or nah?

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