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5 Keys to Living Your Best Life in 2018

I may not have DJ Khaled's major keys or the keys to the city but I do know a bit about the keys to living your best life. My mindset shifted last year and there are a few factors that contributed to the way I do things.

Let's face it. We all make some sort of goal or resolution of sorts upon the new year. Most of the time they are realistic and of well-intention; some times we do the most and end up doing the least. I’m not big on resolutions. I learned that what works best for me is making up in my mind that I’m going to do something and to just do it! There is no need to shout it from the roof top or tell everyone. Keep it to yourself, work hard at it, and produce quality results.

Here's my list of the top 5 keys to living your best life this year. Well...they are more like "Don't Do-Its". Read this in your What you not gon' do... voice and consider it a new year love tap.

1. Don’t sleep on yourself and don't wait for someone to tell you you’re the shit. Affirm it. Exude confidence. Whether it’s talking to yourself in the mirror, writing it down, or reciting affirmations everyday, don't doubt your greatness!

2. Don’t feel bad for being selfish. Put yourself first and you’ll feel the weight of others literally lift off your shoulders.

3. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or saying. Don't worry about what they think you can or can't do. That’s how you lose focus. Worry about (insert your name here). Doing what makes you happy trumps whatever someone may think. Always. Besides, what you think matters most. Duh.

4. Don't be afraid of the thought of doing something great, be afraid of not doing it. Classic reverse psychology here. Train your brain to think/do the opposite of negativity. I started my blog in January of last year. I was actually more afraid of not starting it than I was of being afraid of what someone might think of it. Here's my first blog post.

5. Don't be hard so on yourself. Create life concepts that appeal solely to you. Take it easy but be productive and develop habits. Eventually both will merge and become automatic productive habits. Did you feel that? Pure magic.

Lastly, find a word/motto that will keep you motivated and get used to saying it over and over again all year long. Last year my motto was "STAY FOCUSED", this year it's "More intent, No fear". Almost everything that I accomplished in 2017 happened because I took the initiative to work hard and (silently but progressively) make those goals come to fruition. I learned to work quietly and start talking when it was the right time to share.

As a bonus, here are a few more things I'm doing to increase my productive habits and maintain positive energy.

Old Practices:

-Blessings Jar

-Affirmations/Positive Quotes

-Shine text (A daily text that you get to motivate you and bless your life. Click here to get yours.)

New Practices:

-Daily Gratitude journal

-Letter to my 2019 self

-Checklist for productive habits

Let me be frank for a sec. No one is perfect. Not everyday will apply to the information above. Some days you can only do just enough to get through and that's just what to check off of your to-do list. But if you learn to use majority of the 365 days that you have to your advantage, things look a lot less bleak on those not so great days.

This year we are confirming greatness, Don't give doubt, fear, or regret the time of day. *whispers* Ain't gon' do it.

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Do you make resolutions or set intentions? What are some of your surefire ways to accomplish goals for the new year? Lets chat!

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