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2017: The Year of Focus & Style

This is my last post of 2017! This year has been nothing short of a blessing for me. It brought clarity, value, and lessons. It is one of the best years to date because I truly learned so much about myself and trusting the process. This year, my motto was STAY FOCUSED. I focused on myself in general; but mostly on building my brand and my business. At the beginning of the year, I launched my blog and during the latter part of the year I launched my accessory shop. In addition to both, I was able to gain so much knowledge from each styling gig and I'm grateful for the connection and partnerships that were built.

What most people may not be aware of is that I am a fashion stylist as well as a fashion blogger. I love that the two go hand in hand but my true passion is to help others look their best. What was most important and will always be is making sure my clients and those that read my blog learn how to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. This is why I do what I do.

How It All Began

My mom always made sure I matched. I always had the cutest ensembles but I wasn't always excited about wearing them. I can remember how she used to lay out my clothes with matching accessories (bows, socks, shoes, and purse) growing up. I'd like to say she started it all! Once I got older, I loved to do it myself (and when I played store). I still lay my clothes out the same way to this day!

How I Became a Stylist

Back in my college days, I used to work at Claire's part time, then full time as a manager. This where my love for accessories came to be. Customers would come in the store and ask for assistance with pairing an outfit with accessories for special events or everyday wear. One day I was off and my manager called me and said there was a lady that came in asking specifically for me to help her. I was baffled. From then on, I had regular customers come in to be styled and my family and friends starting enlisting my services as well.

Eventually, I started to research what a stylist actually was and how to become one. I looked for ways to gain experience in the Miami fashion world. I did my fair share of interning and volunteering which was the foundation for my decision to continue to pursue styling. I gained insight from the seasoned stylists, boutique owners, and designers that I worked with.

How HAIL Style Productions Began

As I continued my journey, I volunteered at various fashion shows. Even though this was the toughest part (working a full time job, then going to volunteer backstage at fashion shows for the rest of the day) it was the most fulfilling. This is when I met Dee, my styling partner for HAIL Style Productions and the face behind Fashionably Insecure. We arrived at our first volunteer job at the same time, partnered up during shows, kept each other motivated to push through, shared similar goals, and combined our companies to form HAIL Style Productions.

Later on, I'll share in more detail how and why we decided to partner up for large scale events and shows (as this all began in 2013) but for now I'd like to acknowledge the work we put in to get to where we are now. The photo above signifies so much. Working with Dee is such a blessing. We are a dynamic duo! We have come a long way and we've worked our butts off. It hasn't always been easy but it will ALWAYS be worth it!

Future Plans in 2018 and Beyond

2017 was my year to stay focused. I will continue to do so in 2018 but with more intent and no fear. I know exactly what needs to be done. I know what will take my businesses to the next level and I know I will succeed as long as I put forth the effort. In addition, I see more success and major moves for HAIL Style.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and continuously read my blog. I'm grateful for your support and I'm ready to give you so much more inspiration and lewks in the coming year!

For more information on my styling services, click here.

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Have you reflected on your 2017 achievements? What are your plans for success in 2018?

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