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Same Coat, Different Slay

I've noticed that my style is evolving. There are some things that I used to wear that I wouldn't dream of wearing now. Oddly enough, things I wouldn't dare consider in the past, are items I currently cannot live without. As you all know, I'm not a trendy girl. I like to find pieces that cater to my style that I can wear for years to come. I ensure that by styling them different ways and this Lola Nicole faux fur coat is one of those pieces.

Never would I imagine wanting to wear a multi-colored faux fur coat. Like, who am I? I'm Amerika B, that's who! I used to dumb down my style and my overall extraness because a lot of people would talk me out of it because they weren't fashion forward. There were also those that would say, "Why are you being so extra?" Listen honey, BE WHO YOU WANNA BE! Be extra, do the most, all of that!

I wanted to style two totally different looks because I believe that most pieces in your closet can be dressed up or down. This jacket is spicy to me so I named the look as such. (Go play Spice Girl by Aminé and you'll see what I mean.)

Look #1- Sporty Spice

Easiest way to dress a coat down? Pair with sneakers, jeans, and a tee. I opted for a turtleneck because...cold.

Look #2-Posh Spice

Easiest way to dress a coat up? Add printed slacks, jazzy shoes, and extra accessories. I went for statement earrings, statement rings, and statement sunnies. Moral of the story: Make a statement!

Bonus Style Tip for a Faux Fur Coat

Go the "extra" mile and make a statement by throwing a coat over a formal look. Coat, evening gown, strappy stilettos? You'll channel your inner Gatsby and all eyes will be on you!

I literally feel like I get into character when I wear this coat. I may or may not grab it instead of a blanket when I'm home and it's cold. Let's keep that between us okay?

Get the Look


Sneakers- Nike

Boyfriend Jeans- H&M

Turtleneck- Forever 21


Pants- Thrifted

Shoes- Cape Robbin

Sunnies- H&M

Would you rock a faux fur coat? Maybe a neutral black one or take it up a notch with a fun color? How about a multicolored one like The Lola Nicole? Let's discuss!

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