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My Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Fall 2017

Accessories are my fave. If I could wear them and nothing else I’d be a happy camper, but that’s illegal, so I don't. I’m still waiting for fall to approach. I would say patiently but in Florida we’re still getting those faux fall days. You know, the ones where the weather says 60 degrees but it feels like 80? Yep, that’s what we’re dealing with. Heck, we want to wear coats too!

I don’t know about anyone else but I have my cold weather accessories lined up and ready to go because I know I literally have about 5-10 days to wear them. The way things are looking, for Thanksgiving and Christmas I’ll be donned in a jeans, a graphic tee, and a light jacket, also known as a weather disappointment outfit. I’m not about to pass out trying to be extra…unless there’s a cool breeze that gives me an excuse to do so.

If you’re like me and are ready to start wearing your fall or winter items, let’s ease into it and start with accessories. Here are my must-haves for the season. Now when the weather breaks, book it to the closet and grab that heavy coat and OTK boots and stunt on ‘em! K?

The Funky Faux Fur Clutch

Chic and fun, all in one. (BARS!) This is my way of showing a bit of extraness. Not too extreme but eye-catching.

The Bold & Beautiful Bootie

I live for booties! There are so many styles and options, you cant’ go wrong! It's hard to be comfortable in an over the knee boot, especially with the weather changing everyday, Booties give fall flavor without the fuss.

The Head Turning Hat

A simple statement maker but the grey color, wool texture, and thin leather band make you double back. Is she just being stylish, trying to keep warm, or both?

Other Outfit Deets:

Funny story about this shirt. Yes it is a men’s button down shirt. My job said they were getting rid of some old shirts. To my surprise, when I walked in the room they had more to offer. While everyone was running to the company branded tees, I spotted this baby in the corner. It was low key calling me to come over. Once I got to my desk I tried it on, jackpot! It fit well and it was free! I’ve linked a few below that are just as great or you can steal...I mean borrow bae's.

This is fall in Jacksonville, Florida. Some may say a t-shirt dress in fall? Umm yeah it was about 80 degrees when I took these photos. Sometimes you have to let your accessories bring you the fall feels. Now is the time to bring out the velvet, suede, faux fur, wool, etc. as the temps drop. I recommended starting with accessories so that you don’t walk around looking haute. Pun intended.

What are your fall fashion must-haves? Leave a comment below and let's chat!

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