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The 3-Step Method to Saving Your Coins When Shopping Online

Let me be frank, I love to save! I’m not saying I’m not a fan of full price items; I’m just saying I love a good deal, sale, discount, or clearance item. Those trendy, of-the-moment items that I have to break the bank on? Not for me. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. It may take some effort but stick with me, I’ll teach you some things. Trust, you’ll thank me later.

I had my eye on these Cape Robbin metallic platform oxfords for a while before they had a home in my closet. I almost purchased them when a fellow frugalista posted them on Instagram but something (my debit card) told me to wait and I did. When I went back to the site, they were gone. Bummer right? WRONG! I ended up finding them for almost 75% off of the original price. Here’s how:

Do Your Research

Don’t just look for an item at one store and say “Ok, I’ll take it!” Google is your friend. If you’re looking for metallic platform oxfords, search “metallic platform oxfords” and see what results pop up. If it’s a specific brand, then search that as well. Google will give you options to choose from: all, images, shopping, etc. I prefer the images tab so I can see if the item is an exact match. Then the link attached will usually lead to a specific online store or a website that links to the store that sells them.

Look for a Good Deal

This is the second part of doing your research. Take your time and search for the item and price you want. Once you’ve found a deal, don’t add to cart and checkout just yet! The most effective way to get a really good deal is through the use of online coupons, emails sign-ups, and discount offers. Search for an online coupon for the store. Yes, even more searching. I usually find these on sites like Retail Me Not or Deal Catcher. In addition, most online stores will give you a percentage off for initially signing up as a new customer. They even have coupon code banners or pop ups that will give you a code depending on how much you spend. Take advantage of these! If you can use multiple coupons, milly rock on that savings block. If they offer free shipping too? You struck gold. More coins saved! Turn up!

Play the Waiting Game

If you want to save even more or you are uncertain that the item is what you really want, play the waiting game. Wait 24-48 hours. If you like living life on the edge, wait a week. Be careful though, sometimes you wait in vain and the size or color you want is gone. But if the item pops up in your dreams then you might want to run with that deal and purchase ASAP. Overall, use your best judgement and go for what you know.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes if you leave items in your cart, you’ll get a reminder email (after signing up) that they’ll give an extra percentage off if you “check out now”. Winning! This gets me. All. The. Time.

These are the tips and tricks that I use when online shopping. I always look for a deal before I check out and you should too. Now if I could get this budget thing down I’d really be on to something. When I do, I’ll be sure to tell you how I did it! For now, check out the deets on these oxfords below and save those coins, okay?

Purchase your Cape Robbin Metallic Platform Oxfords here.

Stay tuned for my next post with details on this entire look and learn how to make the most of your wardrobe buy styling a maxi dress multiple ways!

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