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Finally Fall

Although Florida temperatures are still at an all-time high, the PSL’s are here and that’s about the only sign we have of the start of the new season. Despite the lack of fall weather, I’m looking forward to all things fall fashion. Dare I say, I’m ready to pull out a coat or two? Let’s just hope that we get a nice cool breeze every once in a while.

This look was inspired by my latest fall obsessions: a dark lippie, a touch of metallic, and all things flowy. I recently took a trip to Orlando to style a fashion show with Hail Style Pros (my Fashion Production Company with Dee Blanc of LeRoyal Style) and as I was packing and planning, I knew I wanted to shoot in something that had fall flare. Something that would still get me through a warm day but could easily transition into a breezy evening. I call these outfits a balancing act. Not too summery with a touch of fall.

That’s where this kimono-robe number came in. The florals and dark red and blue hues made it a perfect fall staple. Even though the kimono was the summer 2017 trend, we just hit the fall mark (sans the weather) and the darker colors make it work. I also love how flowy it is and the fact that it can be belted. It other words, you will be seeing more of it! Don’t let a trend stop you from wearing your favorite pieces. MAXIMIZE YOUR WARDROBE! There are so many ways to incorporate trends into your wardrobe without being over-the-top “trendy”.

My next fall obsession is the metallic silver trend. I’m not the biggest fan, but I’m learning that just a touch of something shiny can make a statement all its own. If you’re into full on heavy metal vibes then by all means do you boo!

Last but not least, this dark red lippie is E V E R Y T H I N G! I usually store my bright reds during fall and give my dark colors their time to shine. I don’t know what it is about a dark lip during fall and winter. It just sets the tone for your makeup and overall look! This one is called “Bawse Lady” by The Lip Bar. It’s a bold red. Just bright enough to make a statement but subtle enough for everyday wear. If a bold lip color doesn’t make you want to make boss moves I don’t know what does! Ways to Wear *Imagine this beauty with an all-black look. Turtleneck and black leggings with booties, or… *Wear as a dress with a bodysuit underneath for full coverage, lose the silky belt and add a structured one, with over-the-knee boots. A Few New Things So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. For those of you that have been anticipating it, thank you for staying tuned in. For those of you that are new to Amerika B Style Me (ABSM), welcome! I’m just trying to live my best life and balance it all with style and grace! I have a store now! I add items here and there. For now, there are just accessories but there is much more in store. Head on over and take a peek at Shop ABSM here! I will be offering a series of classes soon. From how-to’s to styling tips! I’m so excited to share with you all! Also, I will be adding video content to my brand as well. YouTube lovers get ready! Shop My Look Sunnies: Diandra by Shop ABSM Kimono: Calico Print Contrast Trim Belted Maxi Kimono by SheInside Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans by H&M (similar) Regular Conscious Shoes: Peonie by Just Fab

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