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SKINspiration Journey: Part I

Your face is the first thing someone looks at when they see you. It is your statement piece, so to speak. So what happens when that is your #1 insecurity? Do you hide behind a paper bag? Steer clear of the public eye? I am one of many that feel this way and suffer from never-ending acne, hyper-pigmentation and acne scars on my face. It is my biggest insecurity. BIGGEST. For the longest, I've had to deal with acne. I am 32 and I’ve been dealing with it since middle school. I was the girl with the thick glasses, braces, and bad skin. As I’ve gotten older, it hasn’t gotten that much better. I’ve just learned to live with it. On the days I go without makeup, sometimes I get crazy looks and stares, people may even ask me if I tried something for it (as if I just want to walk around with skin problems and not treat it) or if I want a doctor’s name that has done wonders for their sister-uncle-cousin-friend. *insert eye roll here*

I’ve. Tried. It. All. From the dermatologist recommend chemically infused products, to the over the counter bleaching creams, to the infomercial saying buy this today, get rid of acne tomorrow risk free products. (Mom should’ve had stock in Proactiv.) Total fail. In fact, they’ve all made feel worse about my skin.

Imagine my surprise when I heard from Kay asking if I wanted to come in for a facial. I got so nervous that I bit my nail off. Yep, just one nail. Lol Thousands of thoughts went through my head. Why is she contacting me? Did she notice my bad skin in my pictures? Do I have to let someone else see me without makeup and judge me? It never dawned on me that this just might be the best skin care experience that I’ve ever had. My facial at Skin Craze Beautyque was like no other. Please note, I was not paid to say any of this and I don’t have time to fake the funk. Matter of fact, I was very hesitant about going. I thought about all of my derma visits and how I would discuss my skin problems with the doctors. Most treated me as if I was just another patient for them to make their claim quota. One doctor joked about it as if I was auditioning for a circus act. Another even told me I needed to get it under control because I can’t walk around looking like that and people might think I have a disease. (Yes, I went home and cried that day.)

Now that I got that out of the way....this is a PSA: The Skin Craze Experience is amazing! I repeat, the Skin Craze Luxury Spa Experience is amazing! I've had a few facials in the past but nothing like this. After reading a few of my blog posts you should know by now that I'm big on people's vibes and energy. Kay has the kind of “warm spirited best friend but professional and handle business” personality that you know is truly genuine. I’m sure she could tell I was nervous but she made sure I was comfortable and she shared her knowledge of the products she used during each step. Her skin care line takes the cake. I fell in love with the products during each step of the facial. I’m not big on fragrances because my skin is so sensitive so the fact that they smelled fresh, light, and natural made it even better.

The products in the picture below are the ones that I purchased. They are free of harsh chemicals, include natural products, and are perfect for all ethnicities. I use them every day. I won’t use any other products on my face unless approved by Kay. Yes, it’s that serious. Because I have been battling with skincare issues forever, I’m not about to mess this up.

Peep the names of the products. So creative!

Everyday essentials!

These are my favorite specialty products.

My One Week Results: -Clearer, smoother skin

-No breakouts -Less Oil -Pores are less noticeable with and without makeup Stay tuned for Part II of my SKINspiration Journey and one month update. During my next appointment I will be receiving a microdermabrasion treatment to combat these acne scars and showing you before and after pictures. I’m just sharing my experience to inspire someone to live confidently by loving and taking care of the skin that you’re in. If you’re in the North Florida/Jacksonville area and haven’t gone to Skin Craze, you can make an appointment by calling 904-416-9758 or by booking online. Don’t miss out and tell Kay I sent you!

Skin Craze offers many other spa services as well. Check them out here!

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